Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development Service

Today, the marketplace is replete with mobile app for the most obscure and unlikeliest of services. Native apps, web applications, and progressive web apps jostle for the customer’s attention like never before. While it is easy to want an app just to join the battlefield, it takes a vision to strike a chord with your audience and evolve with their needs.

What is a mobile app?

A mobile app is a piece of software that is designed to engage, educate, and entertain audiences on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and watches. Synonymous with convenience, apps can be downloaded from application distribution platforms operated by the owners of the mobile OS. Native apps are apps that reside on your mobile device and are specifically developed for a platform, be it iOS or Android OS. Native apps leverage upon the device’s processing power, hardware, and even message notification service.

How does a mobile app help your business?

Businesses that have survived the digital revolution are equipped with the arsenal to have their ear to the ground. Being able to analyze and monitor their customers’ digital footprints so closely, they are able to be present where their customers are and losing no time or opportunity to double-down on their touchpoints. The best brands have reinvented themselves, while it is also becoming more common to hear about stories where businesses have launched themselves as apps that provide breakthrough value.

By getting your mobile app right, you could leverage one more important space in the digital realm to stay ahead of your competition. A mobile app is not just about the user-interface elements that create one more channel for communication. It is about having the vision to stand out, and push notifications that resonate with the customers’ needs. In other words, an app is a mini storefront that doubles as social media and hence requires continuous monitoring and optimizing to maximize your ROI. A successful app would have a beguilingly simple, responsive, and intuitive interface that helps their customers navigate the app with the utmost ease. But in reality, the app relies on a number of things for it to thrive and not just survive.

How we can help with mobile app development

As a team that understands your strengths and weaknesses, we would be able to offer you our time-tested vision on how to navigate the app space. We take into account our research and experience with what worked in the past and what didn’t to offer you genuine value. And that’s how we easily beat app-builders that provide one-size-fits-all solutions. Our technology team works closely with the design team and the content team to create apps that are easy to navigate, leverage upon the device’s capabilities, and strike a delicate balance between spamming your end-users and being just a passive digital fixture. Most users keep returning to apps that serve one unique purpose. If it is a food delivery app, it might stand out because of its loyalty coupons. If it is a banking app, it might stand out for its friendly reminder service. If it is a learning app, it might stand out for its engaging quizzes. In fact, the more unique the niche it addresses, the more interesting it would be.

Our Process

First, we understand your business goals and objectives and come up with a solution taking your strengths and pain points into account.

After offering you a basic design, we have an iterative approach to developing the solution as we refine it over the development lifecycle.

We involve our design intellectuals and content writers right from the beginning as UI and UX design is critical to the success of the app.

We use and share artifacts to communicate the requirements, architecture, design, and technology deployment such that you have a clear understanding of how every penny is spent.

We involve users to perform user acceptance testing not just to eliminate bugs in the app but also to monitor the value we are creating as we refine the product.

We would like to bring your app project to fruition by employing successful monitoring of the analytics behind the usage for you to maximize ROI through this business channel.