eCommerce Website Development

Ecommerce Website Development Services

With more and more customers preferring to shop online, reliable logistics, secure protocols, and an efficient supply chain ecosystem, eCommerce is not just the forte of enterprises anymore. Small and medium-sized businesses are joining the fray, taking the battle to Goliaths while carving a niche for themselves and selling products and services at attractive prices. Ever wondered how to execute eCommerce website development project?

What is eCommerce website development?

eCommerce or electronic commerce involves selling and buying products and services on the internet and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. It differs from website operations in being centered around transactions.

eCommerce implementation is nothing but using a proprietary eCommerce platform like Shopify, Magento, or WooCommerce to transform an e-business into an online retail site.

How does eCommerce implementation help you?

An eCommerce implementation will not just spruce up your website. The implementation lets your business sell products via a 24X7 omnichannel presence that spans across geographies, reach new customer bases, expands your brand footprint, and builds trust with customers by offering a state-of-the-art shopping experience

How we can help you with eCommerce website development

We will study your business and simplify choosing from the stable of eCommerce implementation options available in the market. If you are running an experience store or let’s say you are in the business of antiques, we would in fact recommend that eCommerce will not add much to your bottom line. Where we find that your site can reap ROI from eCommerce implementation, we will convert it into a storefront with optimal functionality that includes order tracking, payment gateways, etc.

Nearly half of the customers prefer to engage with you through in-store, mobile, and online channels. If the nature of the product is simple such as groceries, just a storefront would be able to reach all your prospective customers. If the product is an electronic appliance like a laptop or a smartphone, customers would research online, get the look and feel of the product in a brick and mortar store and ultimately shop online at a discounted price. The reason you will be able to target your customers with attractive offers is that you can dip into the profits that online platforms allow you to reap.

In one go, you are about to have an omnichannel presence across mobile, apps, desktop, and SMS, thus expanding your customer reach multifold.

Our process

We will first study your business goals and objectives and analyze your existing website. Where you don’t have an existing website, we can build you an eCommerce solution to suit your specific needs.

We study your consumer behavior and identify what user flows may be forged to create new customer journeys and increase the potential for converting impressions to sales.

We identify your target customer base using analytics and monitoring tools and help you reach them with precision.

We’ll ensure that we create a consistent brand message across all platforms such that your philosophy and ethos generate and build trust every step of the way.

We also monitor your channels and recommend new digital marketing strategies for you to earn ROI through them all.

We support the relevant content needs of your online storefront for you to rightly come across as an authority in your domain.

We’ll integrate plug-ins for you to receive feedback from customers as you could mine it to improve the quality of your merchandise. Similarly, we would help integrate features like optimized search filter and real-time order status which vastly improve the user experience.