The Power Of Design: Why It Really Works

The Power Of Design | iGenero
The Power Of Design: Why It Really Works

The Power Of Design: Why It Really Works

The last decade saw a paradigm shift in the way media is shared, consumed and remembered. We began with an idea that appealing colors and recallable forms made good design, and evolved to understand that great design is far more than ‘how things look’.

Today, we all agree that design is ‘how things function’ and includes everything from how a piece of work attracts a user, gains and retains their attention, and helps convert their interest into a business lead. In this digitally connected world, good design is your first opportunity at making a lasting impression – not just to create a “wow” factor, but also to drive profitability.

Designing an experience

Design solves real challenges for real people. To create good design therefore, one needs to begin at understanding ‘people’. Whether it is an automobile suited to trashy roads, or a website that sells customized gifts to the elderly – it is design that makes your product ‘meaningful’ to the end user. It makes an emotional connect, and provides a functional benefit. It gives them an opportunity to enjoy your product, and a reason to remember you – and that reason becomes your unique experience.

As a bunch individuals devoted to the culture of design, we believe GREAT design, is what truly MAKES a brand.

Why does your organization need design?

Today, design is a way of thought; a mindset adopted across organizations, driven by the need to create that meaningful experience for users. Here’s why every organization really needs design.

  1. Design makes things simpler: Good design adds efficiency to your processes and saves time. In this day and age, time is money – and better design translates to higher profits.
  2. Design gives a brand ‘form’: Design shows the world ‘who’ your organization is. It assigns your brand form, an embodiment of your core-idea and a palpable personality.
  3. Design helps connect: It is all about emotions, and how people respond. Good design helps you connect to the people who would put their money in you.
  4. Design sets you apart: If you want to be unique, you need to be so ‘by design’. Great design would not only give you an edge, but also make you irreplaceable.

When it comes to websites and mobile applications, great design drastically improves the  quality of your digital presence. While on one hand, it helps your users enjoy a seamless experience, on the other, it gives you usable insights on user behaviour, interests and preferences to evolve as a business. Further, good design gives you credibility, by organizing your content in the most user-friendly manner, and highlighting your strengths appropriately.

The bottom line is that good design, is good business. If you’re looking at creating a unique, interesting digital design experience around your brand, you are just one step away!

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