Creative Design

Creative Design Services

These days, the internet is a catalog for the consumption of content. However, when was the last time a random picture with an obscure connection with the underlying message able to leave a memorable impression on you? If you were not impressed, what are the chances your audience would find such a picture memorable?

What is creative design?

A picture is worth a thousand words. With a creative mind behind it, it is a confluence of a thousand ideas. It might sound like an outlet for an artist’s expression, but make no mistake about it, it is a problem solver. The visual aspect of the creative hinges on the design aspect of the creative. Hence, it involves the fleshing out of the final stage of your creative thought process.

How does creative design help your business?

When you have a fundraiser or a marketing event or a sales campaign or anything that invites audiences to make it successful, you need to resonate with them because without their involvement, there is no show. You should factor in the psychology of a typical member of your target audience and understand that their attention spans are minuscule. So, if the digital world of your persona is beckoning to them, you need to come up with a compelling message that makes them take notice. Also, when the persona feels that their time is valued, they will respond to your call-to-action.

Brands that utilize creative design to their fullest potential are able to immerse customers and prospects within an emotionally-centered idea that will be reinforced at every stage of the customer journey.

On social media too, your posts are only as good as the creative and the headline for the customer to take notice. It is more important to stand out than to fit in sometimes, and this is where creativity matters the most. Your audience may seem indifferent, but they take in everything. Everything you post in the online world goes to tell your brand story. Every interaction is a touchpoint and every footfall is a potential customer.

How do we help you with creative design?

Our team of creative designers works closely with copywriters to come up with the right messaging for the creative brief. We understand too well that without words that clarify your purpose and resonate with the audience lie at the heart of creative design. The product, called copy or sales copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action.

Good creative design will combine words, images, typography, and, where relevant, a good page layout to achieve your business objectives.

Our Process

Before we take up your task, we study your brand in detail. We understand the branding philosophy, ethos, culture, competition, and customer base before we set out to create a creative brief for you. We would like to explore your business objectives and goals and only then see how we can serve you best.

We would like to involve all the relevant stakeholders like designers, marketers, business heads, and copywriters as early as possible in the process.

We ask our team to come up with samples and then, we score our designs based on creativity, relevance, ergonomics, simplicity, technical features, feasibility, aesthetics, and business value. Then, we separate the wheat from the chaff.