Page Speed — 2021 Website Best Practices

When we create a website that generates leads, the website has to be search engine optimized, for which, page load speed is important.

Since Google is concerned about speed and user experience, it considers website speed as a ranking factor for SEO.

Criteria such as image size, structured data, content relevance, backlink or internal linking, and responsiveness play an important role for any website to rank. However, website speed is the most important factor of all.

There are two methods for determining page speed:
Page load time refers to the time taken for the browser to submit a request to the server and for the page to load completely displaying all of its content
Time to first byte: This is the duration between sending a request to the server and getting the first byte of data to the browser.
Why Is Page Load Time Important?
Before we look at how to improve page load time, it’s …