Do You Need A New Website?

Website Design

Every new website is an opportunity to redefine how your brand is perceived, discovered and recalled by your audience. If your business has a digital dependency for marketing, lead generation or brand awareness, a website typically runs its course every three to four years (or even lesser), and needs an upgrade or revamp. With disruptive ideas in design philosophy, technology and tools conceived every hour – staying ahead of the game, really demands that you stay ahead of the trend.

Being objectively creative

More often than not, teams simply decide they want a new website – ‘because the old one isn’t interesting anymore’.

However, the success of a website depends entirely on how thought through its objectives are. The need for (and the expected benefit from) a new site must be logically ascertained, way before deciding that it is a good ‘solution’. Your business might need to hike up sales conversions – …