2021 Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Trends

It is safe to say that 2020 has been a harrowing year, and it has transformed every aspect of user behavior. Focusing on this new trend concerning user behaviour, top search engines have released new tools in 2021.

These tools emphasize search intent, automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and segmentations based on grouping of cohorts, voice campaigns, and video ads for streaming platforms.

The shifts suggest that SEM development will pick up its pace in 2021, and search engine marketing will change radically, especially in the way results are measured.

Businesses will battle it out for better ranking SERPs (search engine results pages) through their paid and PPC campaigns along with organic search.
Let’s have a look at some top Search Engine Marketing (SEM) trends in 2021:
Ad spends are going to be hard to predict in 2021

Many industries faced closures and even financial crises due to a lack of clients in 2020, resulting …

Importance of Digital Marketing in 2021

More than half the planet is surfing the internet, creating and consuming content at the speed of thought.

According to Statista, there were 4.66 billion active internet users globally in January 2021, accounting for 59.5 percent of the global population. And a whopping 92.6 percent (4.32 billion) of them used mobile devices to access the internet.

Yes, indeed! The internet is connecting and reaching people all over the world in ways that have never been seen before. With the right Digital Marketing Strategies, you’ll notice that you will vastly improve your scope of reaching people.

Especially during these Covid times, as more players enter the internet marketplace, the competitiveness for traffic is growing significantly. According to research from Business Insider, more than 99% of all businesses are small, and they employ half of the workforce. So, in order to survive and grow the company, it is best to adopt the digital business …

The Power Of Design: Why It Really Works

The last decade saw a paradigm shift in the way media is shared, consumed and remembered. We began with an idea that appealing colors and recallable forms made good design, and evolved to understand that great design is far more than ‘how things look’.

Do You Need A New Website?

Website Design

Every new website is an opportunity to redefine how your brand is perceived, discovered and recalled by your audience. If your business has a digital dependency for marketing, lead generation or brand awareness, a website typically runs its course every three to four years (or even lesser), and needs an upgrade or revamp. With disruptive ideas in design philosophy, technology and tools conceived every hour – staying ahead of the game, really demands that you stay ahead of the trend.

Being objectively creative

More often than not, teams simply decide they want a new website – ‘because the old one isn’t interesting anymore’.

However, the success of a website depends entirely on how thought through its objectives are. The need for (and the expected benefit from) a new site must be logically ascertained, way before deciding that it is a good ‘solution’. Your business might need to hike up sales conversions – …