2021 Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Trends

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2021 Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Trends

It is safe to say that 2020 has been a harrowing year, and it has transformed every aspect of user behavior. Focusing on this new trend concerning user behaviour, top search engines have released new tools in 2021.

These tools emphasize search intent, automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and segmentations based on grouping of cohorts, voice campaigns, and video ads for streaming platforms.

The shifts suggest that SEM development will pick up its pace in 2021, and search engine marketing will change radically, especially in the way results are measured.

Businesses will battle it out for better ranking SERPs (search engine results pages) through their paid and PPC campaigns along with organic search.

Let’s have a look at some top Search Engine Marketing (SEM) trends in 2021:

Ad spends are going to be hard to predict in 2021

Many industries faced closures and even financial crises due to a lack of clients in 2020, resulting in a steep drop in advertising investment. Since advertising expenditure has been on the rise for years, many experts who deal with Google Ads believe that spending levels will rebound in 2021.

As previously said, if the pandemic continues, the economic consequences will last for years.

In fact, “Only 9% of 242 media buyers and publishers polled by the IAB are certain about their ad budget outlook for 2021”, according to the latest survey.Marketers should keep their budgets in reserve so that if their investments don’t pan out, it would be easier to compete for the top ad spaces in search results.

YouTube now offers exciting advertising opportunities

Do you know that Youtube is the second most popular website and second-largest search engine with 2 billion active users every month?

YouTube’s advertising possibilities have changed significantly. Engaged-view conversions (EVCs) and view-through conversions (VTCs) are two metrics offered by Google Ads which can help with ad optimization on YouTube. They also introduced audio advertisements to link marketers with people while listening to music on Youtube.

In some settings, advanced contextual targeting can help advertisers reach a large number of people. Large brands are beginning to take advantage of YouTube’s reach and relevant content to accomplish their business objectives.

YouTube is gearing up to become even more tempting to marketers in 2021, thanks to new targeting, ad formats, and optimization technologies.

Google will focus more on automation

Google’s efforts to limit how much data advertisers can access and analyze through the platform have been on the rise for a time, and 2021 will be no exception. For advanced advertisers who wish to build their analysis, Google Ads delivers new AI-based learning-powered solutions to automate insights for today’s difficulties.

Because most of the Google advertisers lack the appropriate experience or competence, the trend towards automated insights is likely to continue as Google rolls out new features. In 2021, the essential thing to remember is that machine learning is advantageous, and automated bidding can be customized and led in different ways. To keep up with all of the data pointing at bidding decisions, some level of automation is required.

2021 Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Trends - iGenero

Non-Google SEM properties are attracting advertising investment

When it comes to managing Google Ads campaigns, advertisers face a lot of challenges. It may also encourage some to spend more money on non-Google Search Engine Marketing tactics to help them achieve their goals. While Google will continue to be the most popular search engine, alternative options will become more appealing as the platform restricts what marketers can and cannot do.

It is especially true since search engines like Bing have made it simple to integrate campaigns from Google Ads, eliminating the need for marketers to start from scratch. Apart from Google, other platforms like Yahoo advertising, Quora advertising, Amazon advertising, etc., are proving to be beneficial for marketers by allowing them to manage the approach to achieve better ROI.

Leveraging Automation for Business Growth

Modern search can be considered as a well-worn tee-shirt that is classy as well as comfortable. Although the consumer can recognize it, it is becoming increasingly necessary for Digital Marketing Agencies to comprehend and balance the efforts of humans and machines.

In 2021, the modern search marketer will need a clear view of the visual battleground of sponsored and organic listings. Along with that, an understanding of the customer journey on a session-by-session basis and the ability to direct platform automation with intelligent business inputs.

Competition will intensify for E-Commerce

Google Shopping Ads are a great approach to get new customers for your business. “Shopping Ads account for 76.4 percent of retail search ad spend,” according to Smart Insights. Because online shopping is expanding from 2020, retailers are getting a better chance of achieving a breakthrough ROI with Shopping Ads.

As more marketing companies begin to use this ad design, it will lead to growing competition. Google will make Shopping Ads available to all businesses for free starting in 2020. According to Google, “Businesses can compete for Shopping Ad space in the same way they do for other ad campaigns.” As a result, we may anticipate a sharp increase in competition for Shopping Ads in 2021.

The last decade saw a boom in the digital advertising spectrum. With new technologies and online shopping trends, many businesses optimized their online marketing strategies. With the onset of Covid-19 that hindered the growth of many businesses, you can rely on iGenero to see online business growth through brand awareness.