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If you have read through the last two posts in our SEO series, you now have a fair idea of what is SEO and its importance. We have also gone in-depth to understand Backlinks as a useful tool for SEO. Today, through this article, we will be looking at yet another vital element called  Keywords

What are Keywords?

In SEO, Keywords can either mean single words or phrases that improve the chances of driving organic and relevant traffic to your website. These are the words or phrases that users enter to search for something. For instance, if you want to know which is the best water purifier in the market, you type in a bunch of words like “best water purifiers in India” or “best water purifiers in Delhi.” Following this, the search engine will provide you with options for various websites that sell the relevant product. These bunch of words that are typed in is known as Keywords. 

When your website is optimized for certain keywords, they act as a channel for your audience to find relevant content on your website. Keywords are primarily of two types- long-tail and short-tail. The former are usually precise and clear in their objective for instance, “best Indian restaurants in Hyderabad” or “best dog clinics in Hyderabad.” The latter, however, is the opposite with only one or two words. For instance, “dog” or “lyrics.” The input of such keywords usually leads to a more wide-ranging or general search. 

What do you mean by Keyword research? 

As mentioned previously, keywords are important singular words or phrases put in by people to search for a particular product. Therefore, it is not only essential to know what these words/phrases are but also in the number of variations people can say them in. Proper keyword research helps in finding the right & popular keywords for your business & content.

Keyword research helps in identifying popular words that people most often search for. Search Engines themselves provide their own tools to discover the right keywords & keyword trends. There are also several specialized third-party tools designed to serve this purpose. Researching and using relevant keywords helps attract the right kind of traffic for your website since it keeps you up to date on the new lingo and needs of your audience. 

Why are they important? 

The importance of Keywords as a tool for SEO has been debated in the past, though it has diminished in importance over the years with multiple other parameters being introduced for SEO, it is still one of the most important parameters to optimize. But tell me, how would your audience find what they are looking for without typing in keywords on search engines? Not possible right? Which is why Keywords are still of value to guide your potential audience to the correct pages with relevant content. 

Since Keywords are the linchpins between the content and people’s needs, the content on your website should be written accordingly. Writing this content entails researching and understanding the needs of your clients. These needs can be determined by doing your research using various tools or simply asking your customers. 

To conclude, researching keywords is an exhaustive and continuous task. Since they are the foundation for your website, constant evolution and enhancement are required. Keeping up to date with keyword research also impacts the content outcome and offers your audience fresh and new content to read. 

Hiring an an expert to carry out the task for you will ensure focus, dedication, and thorough work. Get in touch with us if you would like us to provide your business with a comprehensive SEO Strategy.


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