Backlinks are primary to SEO as they drive traffic to websites through back channels. I know this may sound confusing, but in lay-mans terms, backlinks are links that drive traffic to your website from other websites. For instance, when you read an article on a website, and there are highlighted links that, when clicked upon redirect you to another website. These are essentially backlinks. They do not necessarily have to be in the form of links; they can also be clickable images. 

Why are backlinks important?

Backlinks are essential and are a part of the main building block of good SEO. These days, search engines give more credibility to a website with more number of backlinks and rank it higher on the search engine. A website receives two kinds of traffic, organic and paid, and backlinks fall in the former category. But another factor that determines the ranking of your website is the quality of traffic you receive. The backlinks you receive should be relevant to the content provided on your site. 

For instance, if your website offers home doctor services but receives backlinks from people searching for events happening in the city. In the case, the quality of traffic you receive is not good, thus, affecting your ranking.

Adding to this point, if you have a new website and people do not know of it, how will you gain traffic? This scenario necessitates the use of backlinks. Quality backlinks are a good way of driving traffic to your website. A few assets are to be kept in mind to ensure good backlinking.

What are good backlinking assets?

Backlinks don’t just happen; there is a process called link building. That contains several aspects that are considered essential to gain good quality traffic. The primary asset being content. The keywords you choose can make all the difference in the amount of traffic you get. Helping you build reputable backlinks, quality, and organic traffic.

The first and necessary step to creating that content is to research the elements that drive traffic to your competitors. Understand the kind of content that is creating backlinks for them and use it to get ahead. 

The second step is to make your content presentable with the help of graphs, images, clear CTA’s, and videos catering to everyone’s needs. Your aim should be to be discovered by websites that might link to your page. 

Another tool you can use to gain more links is guest blogging. Putting your content on popular websites will help increase your audience base and boost your reputation. Make sure these guest posts are high quality and relevant as search engines do not value low quality and mass-produced posts. Also, ensure that your posts in third party publications link back to your website.

Furthermore, have you ever come across Error 404 after clicking on a particular page? These pages are called broken links. These error pages make for poor performance and affect ranking. Therefore, to increase the traffic to your page, you can offer to replace the content on the broken link page with a relevant link and content. The broken link method is a common way of attracting quality traffic and putting your content out there.

To conclude, given the importance of sound and reliable content. You need SEO specialists who are good at both developing quality content and strong technical practice, including backlinking — therefore ensuring that your SEO strategy is executed well on all fronts.


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