Technology in Hospitality – How tech solutions power better customer experiences.

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In a world where travel has become a necessity for both business and pleasure, the hospitality industry is undergoing some major upgrades. Thousands of people live in hotels all over the world everyday and hospitality is a 365/24×7 business. This requires you to stay ahead of your game, realize your competition, and give your guests a smooth stay.

According to statistics, the Hospitality sector contributes to 7.5% of the GDP in India. With today’s technology taking over every aspect of human life and business sector, hospitality is no exception. Earlier in the day living in the hotel meant calling the reception every time the customer needed something and then waiting for the task to be done. But today with the advancement in technology everything (and I mean literally everything) is a click away. Ease of access is an important factor in increasing your business.

Mobile Applications

Smartphones and mobile applications are two things the world run on today. Hotels are getting their own applications designed for better customer service. Whether it is early check- ins, setting an early wake up call, room service, or checking on your laundry all of it is just a click away.

Automated Key cards

A simple thing such as a key has undergone such an evolution shows us that technology is the future we are looking for. While carefully designed metal keys no more exist, the world has turned to automated key cards using NFC technology. In simple terms your customers can now unlock their hotel room door with their mobile devices.

The cloud

Hold and behold cloud technology, nowadays every hotel is on this technology as customers are demanding a smart hotel. The cloud technology helps customers operate everything through an app. It helps in connecting all the devices to the internet and creates an ease of accessibility. For instance, be in one place but have your eyes on all your properties with centralized management for chain of hotels and real time access to properties & supervision.

Artificial Intelligence

 Time is sensitive, and with the world running on a clock, services need to be a click away. Technology innovations like the chatbots help in making appointments, reservations, playing music, giving directions, etc. making the customer’s stay more simple yet fast and without manpower intervention. Save manpower by automating repetitive processes.

All these services save a great amount of time and makes the stay more pleasant and appealing for your guests. As a hotel you need to have information on tour guides, tourist spots, packages, weekend getaways, cabs, etc. on call. All this and more can be achieved by using the right technology.

These solutions and technology are marking a new era in the hospitality sector. With smartphones, smart homes, and smart cars, now even smart hotels are available. In the age of technology, the ones who do not have it are left behind.

In an ultra competitive industry, where customers tend to go change loyalties often based on single experience or even slightly better service, it is imperative that you have an edge over competitors & a well thought out technology strategy can help achieve that precise edge. 

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