To go mobile, or not to? That is the question.

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We live in the era of 2 minute-news reads, on-the-go job-search and short-videos – where less is more, and ‘compact’ is the only form of content anyone has patience for. This trend may be entirely attributed to the rise of mobile technology, its rapid evolution into easily accessible applications, and the genius of the simplicity with which it impacts and betters everyday life for consumers.

We are literally the ‘mobile’ generation of humans capable of seamlessly creating, discovering and sharing content through the twenty square inch silicon booklet, we carry around throughout our days and nights.

Before wondering how you might employ the power of mobility to improve the reach and impact of your business, here are some thoughts to convince of why there is a dire need for a mobile app of your own. Humans, as a species, have mastered the art of consuming data from their mobile phones. The question now is – Has your business evolved the right means to cater to this mobile-dependent civilization?

  • Prefered to mobile sites and desktop sites: Isn’t it just a matter of convenience and ease to open a dedicated application and use it? That is probably why, 90% of mobile users today, prefer apps to mobile sites. To add, smartphone manufacturers have drastically improved their battery life, performance and memory availability – creating sumptuous opportunity for businesses, to actually have their app downloaded, for a lifetime.
  • Customer engagement = loyalty: According to a Comscore study, more than 80% of mobile minutes across the world, are spent on apps. As a mobile application, you move with the customer, throughout their day. This is a fantastic window of opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, understand their challenges and provide solutions – without them having to call or write to you. Instant notifications can keep them updated of developments at your end, and give them a singular platform to reach out to you.
  • A higher number of customers: According to a study done by Forrester, India is pegged to lead global mobile penetration reaching a whopping 70 per cent by 2022. This means more customers will have access to smartphones, and as smartphones continue to get smarter, they will open up the entire population to be accessed through mobile applications.
  • A direct marketing and genuine feedback channel: One of the major advantages of providing a dedicated app to a customer is the fact that they get all the information they need, right there in one place. This includes any promotions, new products content, announcements etc. keeping them updated on what is available, and easily accessible. At the same time, an app could give your much deeper insight into user behaviour and preferences – so feedback for product improvement is right there, when you need it.

Are you exploring the option of creating a mobile app for your business? We could help you figure out the best way to do that. Write to us!

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