Embrace “Digital” – A plethora of opportunities for your Business

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The future is digital. The internet revolution has changed the way businesses operate, helping teams interact seamlessly – no matter where they are located, or which time zone they work in. This has given rise to the realization of a truly ‘flat world’, with diminished global distances and connected remote teams.

From a marketing standpoint as well, digital media has opened up a host of opportunities for businesses to reach out to potential customers. With the internet and mobile adoption hitting all time highs across the world, digital media is soon becoming the number one preferred mode of customer outreach for businesses of all size. This is, therefore, a fantastic time and age for business leaders to embrace digital media and digital marketing as concepts of choice to drive brands to greater heights.

SEO, and Why it is so important?

The answer is rather simple. It is because search, or rather ‘google’ is the first thing most people ‘do’, when they need any kind of information. And then, they’re too impatient to scroll through multiple pages before they discover your digital presence – your website, social media pages, blogs et al. SEO is a marketing process that helps customers find your business, by helping you ‘rank’ higher on the search results page, and be easily discoverable. The easier you are to find, and connect with – the more you end up selling.

However, with search algorithms getting more and more complex to decipher, SEO doesn’t remain as straightforward as it was in the ‘insert-keywords’ era, ten years ago. Search technology is advancing at light speed, to improve relevance to the reader – and today, it takes highly skilled and knowledgeable SEO expertise to put together quality content that improves visibility. Once a user discovers your brand, the next step is to create an experience that generates a positive takeaway – higher recall, better credibility, or a purchase.

Enter Online reputation management or ORM. ORM refers to everything that a business does, to ensure that a positive and favorable impact is created on the digital customer. This involves countering and weakening any negative material about your brand by mitigating its impact with tactfully and strategically placed positive content. This is a blanket term used to denote the reputation gained out of the brand’s entire digital presence including the website, social media and other digital properties.

Social Media – it’s your present and the future!

With platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Snapchat becoming tools of choice for individuals and businesses to converse, the role of traditional media as we know it is fast diminishing, giving way to an open and transparent marketplace, without walls, barriers or boundaries. Here’s a brief insight into some of these social media platforms, to help you decide if they’re the right option for your business.

Facebook: Facebook is an excellent tool for targeting your audiences by interest, behavior, and demographics. It takes precision marketing to the next level with an option to choose exactly who sees your ad, when and where. In addition, it provides a wholesome platform for publishing, so you can deliver a variety of messaging – text as well as visual, across locations. As an advertising platform, Facebook offers business managers the facility to choose across objectives, campaign types and delivery modules – so it is one of the most favorite options for digital advertising.

Twitter: Twitter is a fantastic tool for broadcasting, as well as for listening – whether to other broadcasts or collecting information from customers. That’s exactly why it works so well for large scale promotional activities, influencer engagements as well as customer service and complaint redressal needs.

Snapchat: Another interesting tool that businesses are increasingly including in their marketing mix is Snapchat. With an extensive reach of over a 100 million daily users (and over 400 million snaps per day), Snapchat is a fantastic tool if you’d like to broadcast live events and offer limited time offers and promotions – especially with influencers. A majority of Snapchat’s audiences are young, and with features ensuring high content privacy – this high energy tool rapidly gaining markets across the world.

Linkedin: While traditionally LinkedIn was the favored choice for B2B marketing online – to reach out to other businesses, leaders, management teams, and professionals – today it is increasingly becoming a popular choice for B2C marketing as well. This is primarily because of the understanding of user behaviors across LinkedIn – with focused browsing, peer-group discussions, serious conversations and thought leadership burgeoning across. While seeming more expensive than other social media platforms, LinkedIn advertising has given businesses significant outcomes, improving its standing as a popular choice for digital marketing.

Having a digital presence has today become a necessity. How you strategize your approach largely depends on the kind of business goals you plan to achieve, the markets you target and the audiences you wish to engage.

With years of experience and creative expertise in outlining and executing digital marketing approaches for businesses, iGenero is your go-to option, if you are thinking of taking the digital route (Which, you must – it’s high time!)

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